Silly Walks

When I plan my long runs, I pick locations where there's a potty station every two miles to mimic a race course as closely as possible. With my hour bladder, there are other benefits to having restrooms along my path. Two of my sisters and one of my daughters are runners. I have heard STELLAR … Continue reading Silly Walks

Nervous Tick

I mentioned the exhaustion the yesterday. So much exhaustion and fatigue. How about a little background: Last December I was feeling a little off so I talked to my doc about it. It's pretty unusual for me to talk to the doc about anything because I just don't go (aside my from my annual lady-doc … Continue reading Nervous Tick


It's my recovery week. This means that I allow my body to recover. The trick here is to get the brain to accept that there is plenty of time in the training plan to allow this to happen. Therein lies the problem. Last week was an excellent training week. I accomplished nearly ALL of what … Continue reading Exhaustion

Happy Running

  Guess who ran HAPPY in the really low humidity on Saturday? This girl! Guess who WALKED up the short, albeit steep AF hill behind me? This girl! Guess who was SUPER glad to be outside on a beautiful morning? This girl! Guess who felt SUCCESSFUL for the first time during this training segment? This … Continue reading Happy Running