Morning Mishaps

Started my morning in a fairly routine way. Showered. Put makeup on while I iced down my ankle. Straightened my hair. Not really sure where it all went wrong.

Went to set my mascara on the end table (because I was putting makeup on with my leg propped up on the recliner).

Pushed the remote out of the way.

Remote knocked my wine glass, toppling it onto the hardwood floor. Glass shattered everywhere.

Tip-toeing through the tulips to get all the glass cleaned up.

Made coffee.

Poured my cup of coffee.

Poured my “spare” cup of coffee (a large yeti that keeps coffee hot practically all day so I can have my extra cups throughout the day).

Poured my husband’s coffee.

Reached up to push my spare cup out of my way but jostled it, spilling piping hot coffee on my hand.

As I pulled my hand back I completely knocked the cup over, spilling gallons (not literally) of coffee all over my counter top.

Ran my hand under cold water until the burning ceased.

Cleaned up the counters.

Headed out the door to work.

Turned on the radio: Highway to Hell.

Hoping that’s not an omen for the rest of the day.

(Note: it was!)

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