I picked a horrible week to begin my half marathon training.

My day today so far:

  • Wake up at 5am
  • Mix up cake batter & throw cake into the oven
  • Get dressed and head out the door for a run
  • Get back and drink all the gatorade (hot and muggy before the sun was even fully out)
  • Mixed up more cake batter and filled the pan
  • Removed first cake from oven and put second cake into oven
  • Made coffee and got into the shower
  • Took cake out of the oven and did what I could to protect the two cakes of the top tier from the cat (because cats are assholes)
  • Get ready for work and head out the door


Work is work is work is work. I didn’t do yoga after my run like I normally do so I’ve been feeling everything tighten up as the day goes on.


My after work plans:

  • Mix up batter for 1st layer of the bottom tier (THREE cake mixes per pan)
  • Throw cake into the oven (for OVER an hour)
  • Prepare cake board (a.k.a. drill holes in it for the “feet” of the cake platter, cover with plastic tablecloth)
  • Mix up batter for 2nd layer of the bottom tier (another three cake mixes)
  • Get my yoga done
  • Fill and frost top tier (you know, the one that I baked this morning)
  • Try and figure out how the hell to protect the bottom tier cakes from the cats (too big to fit into the bin)



  • Morning run
  • Work
  • Hair appointment
  • Fill and frost bottom tier
  • Decorate cake (or at least as much as I can get done before it is sitting in its final resting place)



  • Rest day (from workouts)
  • Try to figure out how to transport the damned cake to my place off the grid – about 40 minutes away
  • Get cake situated onto the cake table
  • Finish decorating the cake
  • Help with any decorating of the building that doesn’t get done by the time I’m finished with the cake
  • Have a SMALL adult beverage



  • Long run at the crack of dawn
  • Final, last minute touch ups of the clubhouse
  • Get myself all gussied up
  • Take family pictures of the happy couple and their “wedding” party
  • Take pictures of the “wedding” (a.k.a. vow renewal after 40 years of marriage)
  • Dinner/Reception/Dessert (a.k.a. FANTASTIC – hopefully – cake)
  • Drink heavily – OY!



  • Long bike ride
  • Crash


Did I mention that I’m pretty heavily involved in planning a vow renewal ceremony and ensuing party for this weekend? You know…at the end of the week when I begin my half marathon training?? Yeh.

When I was counting the weeks backwards from my scheduled half marathon so that I could see when I’d need to start my training, I about croaked when I saw the week it fell on. So to say the least, this week has been nutso! Totally worth it, but nutso! The thing about having really good friends is that you’re willing to move heaven and earth to bring a smile to their faces! I’m fortunate to have really good friends!


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