A Month Of Firsts

As I get closer and closer to D-Day (a.k.a. the day I begin half marathon training) the more nervous I have gotten about running. I have not run since I injured ye olde ankle playing volleyball last March. I’ve done a bit of walking, but no running.

SO…I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a 5k to FORCE me to get out for a run because it’s way too easy for me to justify on a daily basis why I shouldn’t run yet.

At the recommendation of my daughter, I registered for the GoGirlRun race series that happens to be located fairly close to my house. So I did. My very first GoGirlRun race. It was a really small venue and I instantly regretted it when I arrived race morning because the fewer people, the better chance I have of coming in dead last. But….I digress.

My alarm went of at 5:15am and I laid in bed having to REALLY talk myself into getting up and going to Columbia for my race. It was SO HARD to get out of bed. I didn’t sleep much during the night, which is fairly normal for a pre-race night. And I was cozy, cozy, cozy in my bed. I gritted my teeth and got out of bed. The sunrise was AMAZING on my drive north. It was the first time I had watched the sun rise in a very long time!


I got parked (which is SUPER easy when you’re not doing a downtown St. Louis race), headed to the start line, and started warming up.

Starting corral right after the half marathon people left, but before they called the 5k people to line up.


Protecting my ankle was my number one priority.

I put KT tape around the ankle to stabilize it. Then I wore a compression sleeve on it. It was really tight compression and I had a devil of a time getting it on. It went from just above my ankle (as you can see in the picture) to almost the ball of my foot. It felt good even though it looked like something my dad would wear – shorts and black socks – way to go, Dad.

The compression REALLY helped secure it against the impact of running. I was very pleased with how well it felt during my run. First time running since March and I left the race feeling like I would be able to train for a half marathon without further injury. Time will tell on that one, but for now I feel confident about it.


The storms were threatening! The weather forecast said spotty showers and/or thunderstorms. I kept a close eye on the sky because it looked like it could begin raining at any time. It held off until  the two mile mark, so I ended up only running in the rain for a mile. It was my first time running in a downpour. I’ve run in the rain before, but never a downpour and it was RAINING!! I was drenched by the time I crossed the finish line.


2.4 miles. Half a mile to go. And what do I see?  PORTA POTTIES!!! Who in plaid rabbit hell is going to stop and use the bathroom when there’s only a half mile to go???? It made me chuckle.


I got back to my car looking like a drowned rat with my goodies. I had to laugh (gag) at the burrito (see the tin foil roll in the wine glass??). I thought it was a breakfast burrito and was really looking forward to it. Eggs. Maybe some sausage. Hopefully lots of cheese. Just ready to take a big bite into my breakfast burrito.

But then…..

Whoa. Pain. And agony on me. It was NOT a breakfast burrito!!!!!


My plan was to get the compression off my ankle and do a little post-run stretching before getting back into my vehicle. The pouring down rain changed those plans right away. I grabbed my goodies and rushed back to my car. Getting the compression off my ankle was….tricky. Akin to putting a sports bra on a fresh-out-of-the-shower body, or taking a sports bra off a post-run-sweaty-body. I got cramps in places I didn’t know I was capable of getting cramps in trying to get the damned thing off.

As I drove home I “elevated” my ankle in hopes of keeping it from doing any sort of swelling. It didn’t swell, which I’m grateful for, but once I got out of the car and walked around on my non-compressed ankle, it was a bit sore. Not painful, just obvious that it was there. The soreness lasted a couple of hours and then went away. So even with that, I feel like I’ll be OK to begin my training.

All in all, I’m glad I got up before the crack of dawn to go run.


Didn’t come in last!!!


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