Friendly Advice

Pretty much everywhere I go you’ll find me with a camera strapped around my neck. I’m the official “memory provider” at all our events. I make photo books to document those memories in an easily viewable format. You know what’s not in many of those photo books? Pictures of me, that’s what. When we go on cruises I always buy the official ship pictures so that there is actual proof that I’ve been on the vacation. This has always been good enough for me.

Good enough until last night.

Jenna’s birthday is tomorrow so I was going through pictures to find on of the two of us that I could post on FB. There are pictures of Jenna and Mark. Jenna and Matt. Jenna and all the girls. Jenna and the DOGS. Guess how many pictures of Jenna and me I found? Just the two of us? Not many.

So I learned this little lesson. Get out from behind the camera with the kids and get in front of the camera with them.

And that’s all well and good and a fantastic lesson to learn. But there are no tomorrows with Jenna. No opportunities to right this wrong. Just a small handful of photos as physical evidence that I was ever a part of her life.


One life lesson learned a little too late.

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