Miracles For Type A People

I am super Type A! Very controlling. Very much “my way or the highway.” I’m sure you know the type. I’m sure you’ve DEALT with the type. I’m sure that you’re going, “EWWWW. You’re one of those???”

Well, I am. And I know I am. And I try to take a deep breath when someone proposes a plan that is different from the way I envision it. And it is REALLY hard sometimes.

So….the reason I preface my thoughts with that bit of information is for this reason:

I am the chair person of the Park Council at my place off the grid. One of my friends is the secretary. I’m a ridiculous note taker. I can’t sit through a meeting without meticulously making notes about all the things that have transpired in whatever meeting I may be sitting in. It helps me remember information, and information is king. The first few months of meetings in this term my secretary would send me the minutes for the meeting in an excel spreadsheet. Now, I’m sorry, but one simply does not do minutes in Excel. That is CLEARLY a Word function. The first time this happened I thanked her for getting the minutes to me and told her that I would be reformatting them into a Word doc. I copy/pasted (or re-typed what couldn’t easily be copy/pasted) all her notes into our normal format (a format that I did not create, but that the Park has been using for decades).

I started my term in November and have been reformatting the minutes every month. It doesn’t take a lot of time for me to do that, and she is not very computer savvy, so it’s just easier to reformat the minutes. This morning I got April’s minutes in my email. AND THEY WERE IN A WORD DOCUMENT! I nearly fell out of my chair. She took a copy of January’s minutes and removed all the information except the section headers and put the minutes into the “proper” format.

You would think that would be good enough. You would be wrong. Each section was one long paragraph, not bullet pointed like I would like to see. I pulled up my notes from our last meeting to compare and make sure she had hit all the key points and began to format into a bullet pointed format because we all know it’s WAY easier to read that way.

I stopped myself. I asked myself a couple of questions.

  1. Did she have all the pertinent information included? Yes, she did.
  2. Would anyone be confused by the format she used? No, they wouldn’t.

And I walked away from the document. I left it as she had typed it. Then I forwarded it on to the rest of the council members for review before I had a chance to go in and once again change her format to what I wanted it to be.

This is GROWTH, y’all!

Is it still gnawing at the back of my brain that all our social activities are listed in a paragraph instead of bullet points? You bet it is. Is it going to kill me? I’m guessing it won’t, but the heart palpitations indicate that it might. Am I trying to not be so controlling? I am. I really, really am.

Baby steps.

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