Conversations (or Confessions)

I’m going to tell on myself for a moment.

You’ve heard stories about the memory lapses when you get older, right? I’m here to tell you that they are not myths. Unfortunately.

Michelle (my youngest daughter) and I decided to walk at the nature center last week. Good hills. In the woods, so out of the gross wind. A little fresh air since we’ve been cooped up for so long. It was really a good plan.

I got home from work and hurried to change clothes so that I’d be ready to go when Michelle got to my house. We headed out the door and had been walking for half hour. I looked at my watch and realized that Mark would be off work by then and getting home soon.

THEN a horrible thought! I had taken my glasses off and laid them on the bed while I changed clothes….right in the spot where Mark sits down to take his shoes off.

Me: Oh, shit! I left my glasses on the bed and Mark’s going to sit on them and break them when he gets home!!!!

Michelle: (looking at me intently) Mom, your glasses are on your face.

Me: FU-U-U-U-U-CK!!!!!

Michelle: ::shrieks with laughter::

Yup. That’s how I roll!

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