Conversations Across The Country

You know that I’ve been struggling with having a bum ankle and the affect it has on my ability to workout. This, in turn, has an affect on my mood and my normal self confidence. It’s been a challenge to keep a positive attitude about pretty much anything. Fighting off the Negative Nancy self-talk is hard.

I had just climbed in bed last night and got a notification of a new text coming in. It was from my sister. She and the kids were talking about traits that they liked about various aunts and uncles.

Nephew 1: HUGS! That’s what Aunt Cristy is the best at.

Nephew 2: Yeh, they’re firm like “I’m really glad to see you” not just a whimpy pat on the back.


I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Just what this old lady needed after a very difficult week.

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