Rolling Along

Roll, roll, roll your foot
Not-so-gently on the floor
Ugly, ugly, ugly
As you hobble out the door


2nd play of the first set of a double header at volleyball last night….stepped on a teammates foot and rolled my roly poly ankle. The sound the tendons made was fairly nauseating. The pain as I hobbled off the court to ice it practically put me into convulsions.


After the instant ice pack went warm I made my way to the car and then home. Sat for two hours on ice with my foot elevated. Popped a couple Aleve. Headed to bed.


Managed to sleep. Woke up barely able to stand.


Showered. (side note: shaving legs without a noticeable ankle bone was really easy – bright sides to injuries) Put on a SUPER TIGHT ankle compression torture device…..


… All so that I could put on the loosest fitting boots I own and go to work looking normal. Whatever normal is. 


Three and a half weeks until my race. No biggie, I’m sure. A visit to the doctor might be in order.


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