Yoga With Cats

All the rage these days seems to be yoga with goats. Why goats? I have no earthly clue! They have sharp hooves. They’re bouncy. They would cause pain.

I have a better solution. Yoga with cats! Cats are soft and fluffy and cuddly. Cuddly, that is, if they’re not trying to kill you.

My Boots has taken to RUNNING to the yoga room the moment he sees me heading downstairs. He knows that he gets to explore this new environment. He knows that I’ll be on the floor at his level. He knows that I’m trying to concentrate and focus and get into my zen place, which is the perfect environment for a cat.

Trying to be zen, are you, Momma? Well, here. Let me help you out.

Let me sit directly in the spot where your foot needs to go when you come out of warrior one to your forward fold.


Let me try and balance on your back while you’re struggling to maintain triangle pose.


Let me get comfy on your back while you’re in child’s pose.


Yes. Yoga with cats is fun! You should give it a whirl!

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