Devil May Care

The devil’s in the details.

The devil may care.

That’s a devil of a good time.

Idol hands are the devil’s workshop.

The devil made me do it.

What’s the nature of this game?

Well, I’m glad you asked. The game is called “recovery” and I don’t play it very well. I don’t “sit” very well. I don’t “do nothing” very well. It is just not in my nature to be still. I’m trying. Truly I am. I’m doing what my chiro says to try and work out all the kinks (literally).  I ask her before I do anything.

Can I play volleyball after just having had an adjustment?  Sure. Just ice down when you get home to get ahead of the game.

Can I go to the TRX class (suspension workout) at the Y? Well, normally I’d say hold off on that, but you are more aware of your body than most, so go ahead, just pay attention.

Can I go for a run? Mmmm. I’d rather you didn’t just right now, but walk all you want.

Can I lift weights? Sure, you can. I’d focus on lighter weight sets instead of lifting heavy for now.

What about body weight exercises? Well, normally I’d say to stay away from squats, but you’re more aware of your body than most, so go ahead, just don’t do weighted squats for now.

Can I go for a run? Hahaha. Be patient!

I’ve seen her four times and these are the conversations that we’ve had already.

I’m supposed to be recovering. Resetting my brain. Remembering why I love the running game. Healing my body. But all I can think about is I HAVE A HALF MARATHON IN 16 WEEKS!!!! It’s ALL I can think about!

My original plan was to do a 16 week training plan for the half, but that means that I would be starting YESTERDAY with my schedule. I told my chiro that she had four weeks (five tops) to “fix me” and I’m going to back out on that four to five week deal. I need to start running on January 1. Easy runs. I won’t overdo it. I PROMISE! That’s what I plan on telling her. No hills. No speed work. Just a few easy breezy runs to shake my legs out a bit in time for January 15th when I really, really, really need to jump back into my full workout regimen.

If I can jump into my full training regimen by 1/15 I think I might be able to have a successful half marathon. That’s a full 12 weeks to train.

Recovery is super hard! Mentally. Physically, it’s obviously easy because I’m not doing much more than walking. But mentally? Oh my word, mentally I suffer! I feel like a big piece of my world is missing when I’m in recovery mode. And I feel like I need to get back to it.

I know. Patience, child! But the devil took away my patience YEARS ago!

Apparently, I’m in need of some restraint!

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