Attitude Adjustments

I am hot and heavy into the throes of my recovery month! To say I hate it would be an understatement. It’s weird. Not having a regularly scheduled workout.  I went for a long walk yesterday – five and a half miles – and as I was aimlessly meandering I had to ask myself, “Why am I doing this? What is the end game? What am I gaining from it?” It felt….pointless.

I know that recovery is anything but pointless, but I have had a reason – a purpose – for every workout I have done for the last year. And nowhere in that purpose was “general, overall good health.” It was Doxa. It was Warrior Dash. It was Go! St. Louis. It was Hot Chocolate. It was all pointing me towards some grand finish line. Towards a piece of bling to hang on my wall. A shirt or jacket that I could wear with a sense of pride over that thing that I had just accomplished. My workouts had purpose.

And now….they don’t. It’s a weird mindset, this recovery thing.

My plan for recovery has been in place for the last month and a half. I’ve been dealing with some recurring foot issues, and a newly occurring hip issue, so I’ve made a plan for (hopefully) resolving those issues before I begin my half marathon training. Part of that plan involves a lot of yoga. A lot of walking. A lot of swimming. A lot of low-to-no impact activities that will allow my body to recover from the physical stress and strain of this past year. Part of that plan involves….visiting a chiropractor – YIPES!

I grew up with a doctor for a dad. His opinion of chiropractors is that they’re a bunch of quacks. Hence, my opinion of chiropractors has been that they’re a bunch of quacks. So it was a big leap out of my pre-existing notions to actually call and schedule an appointment with a quack, er, I mean….chiropractor. I have a number of friends who swear by their monthly (or whatever) appointments, and I figure that all those people can’t be wrong. Right?

So I scheduled the appointment.

I’m surprised to say that I didn’t hate it. She was VERY informative and she listened to what I had to say when I was explaining some of my concerns. She didn’t even bat an eye when I said, “I have five weeks before I begin my half marathon training, so you have to have me fixed by then.” She must have some kind of experience with smart asses.

She took x-rays of my lower back since most hip/knee/foot issues are directly related to each other through the lower back. I’ve looked at X-rays before and burst out laughing when she showed me mine. I’m pretty certain that the lower spine is not supposed to be shaped like an S. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but there was a VERY distinct awkwardness about the way my low back sits. And did you know that hips are not always level? Well, mine aren’t! I sat there staring at my X-ray processing whatever information my non-medical brain could process, and then we began making adjustments.

There is something a LOT disconcerting about the sound that an adjustment makes! My husband tried to prepare me for it, but there is only so much he can say that would get me ready to hear that “aluminum can crushing” sound that my spine made.

And now I know what to expect, and it’s all about managing your expectations!

As I finished my yoga last night and was lying on the floor with my legs straight up the wall I noticed for the first time that one leg is definitely longer than the other leg. That side of my body is where all my injuries always happen. It’s all logical to me now. I laid there on the floor chuckling to myself that for as aware as I am about my body, that I had never noticed the unsymmetrical nature of my left side.

The jury remains out on whether or not this is going to help me, but I’ve made a huge step out of my comfort zone to try something that I’ve always deemed “quackery” and have made the attitude adjustment to go along with the physical adjustments.

And now…. we move forward through the path of recovery. Hopefully, I come out the other end sane. Only time (five weeks) will tell.


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