Horse-Cart Cart-Horse

My propensity for this is overwhelming:

I have a race in four weeks (or less). It’s a distance I’ve never run before. 15K. 9.3 miles.




My focus has been all about this race. I’ve been doing the thing that I do before every big event. I’ve been putting the work in that I need to put in. I’ve been dealing with the sore hips from the number of miles I’m doing. I’ve been obsessing about how slow I am. You know. The normal pre-race things that I do.

It’s my rest week this week – Yoga all week. Random walks with the dog. The things that will provide a non-impact recovery for my tired legs. I don’t run again until Saturday, then it’s 7.5 miles.

Today I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a Go! St. Louis post reminding folks to get signed up for the Family Weekend races in April. I’m already signed up. For a half marathon. WHY? I don’t know. Stupid, maybe. I’m struggling to feel ready for a 15K. How on earth am I going to do a half marathon – you know – that distance I swore I would NEVER do!?

So I went to Go!’s website just to read (again) about the events on the Family Weekend. Do you know that the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 7K have a 14:52 min mile time requirement? Yup. They do.

So I do this:

Head straight to my Garmin Connect and run a report for my recent runs. And I freak out. Because how do I maintain a 14:52 pace for 13.1 miles when I can barely maintain a 14 and a half minute pace for seven miles?

Why do I do that? Why do I jump to where I need to be in five months based on where I am right this very minute? Putting that cart before the horse like it’s my job!

Unlike my normal pre-race freakouts, I was able to talk my own self off this little ledge instead of running screaming to my daughter or sisters. Hell, that in and of itself, is a vast improvement.

So I’m calm again. Ish, anyway. I know I have time to prepare. But I also know that I am just NOT fast. And I know that I have major work to do on my core so that my hips will withstand a half marathon. BUT…I know that I have time. I know I have a plan in place to accomplish it. But I’m still scared by it. And I still am not confident that I can do a half in the time frame allotted. I guess we’ll see how the 15K goes and then decide if I need to freak out.


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