Practically Perfect In Every Way

When I spiral out of control, I spiral out in a big way.

A month and a half ago when I told you my cholesterol numbers were way high I freaked right out. Remember that?

Well, it’s been an unpleasant month. I even did the unthinkable. I found a new primary care physician. I haven’t had one for – I don’t even know how long – not since my previous doctor (of just shy of 20 years) retired. That’s a pretty drastic move for me. I rarely get sick, so I rarely go to the doctor. My annual lady-doc visit and my annual dermatology appointment (decades of sun-worshipping) are my religious visits. Other than that, I just don’t go.

I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and did it. I really liked her. She listened to what I had to say. Took the time to ask me questions and hear my concerns. She probably thought I was a little nutty, but agreed that the results from this year’s lab work did not make sense and she ordered a re-do of the tests. I’m happy to say that my cholesterol levels are back to where they were last year instead of the ridiculously high number that I was originally given. Or maybe THIS test was wrong. Hmmm.

I’ve never had my vitamin D or B levels tested so she wanted to check those (based on some of the things we discussed). They both came back really low. So now I get to take vitamins. Yay? I hate taking meds of any kind. I’m not thrilled about this, but I’ve quit my downward spiral. I’ll go to the office once a month to get a B12 shot, and I’ll take a daily VitD pill and then re-test in another 3 months. I’m hoping that this helps with some weird symptoms I’ve been having.

Mentally, I’m in a MUCH better place. For some bizarre reason, I’m much more OK with low vitamin levels than I was with high cholesterol levels. I realize that’s not normal.

In addition to all this medical anxiety, this week starts my official six weeks of training leading up to my 15K. I have been FREAKING out about my 15K because of how difficult my 10K was last week. But then I got some great advice my sister that have really helped. I had a good run on Sunday using some of her pointers and it turns out that she’s super smart. Then I had a really good workout with my speed drills yesterday. I might be singing a different tune after I get done with my strength training tonight, but as of now, I’m feeling really positive about my upcoming race.

On tap for tonight:

Short, sweet, and to the point. 22 minutes if I don’t die along the way.

It feels good to feel good.


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