Another One Bites The Dust

Well, another October is nearly done. I finished my annual Go! St. Louis 10K. I’m looking forward (really, but not really) to my Hot Chocolate 15K in six and a half short weeks. Life is definitely marching on.


The Go! St. Louis races are the mainstays of my racing year. The Mississippi 7K in the Spring, the Great Halloween 10K in the Fall. They are the two races where I pay attention to my time. The time on my 7K has improved each year. The time on my 10K…has not. My fastest 10K was the very first 10K that I did way back in 2012. Since then my time has stalled out. When I look back on my photo albums for races, I suspect that part of the problem is that I take a LOT of pictures throughout the course. I guess I have to decide what’s more important to me – getting a better time, or having the lasting memories that my pictures provide. It’s quite the conundrum in my wee little brain!

Anyway…. the good, the bad, and the ugly:


  • I felt stronger on the hills
  • I felt stronger with my breath
  • I felt stronger in my legs
  • I recovered SUPER fast after the race was over
  • I was able to increase my pace on the last mile


  • Hips started hurting just past mile 4
  • Foot is OK, but I could feel that it is on the bubble of being fully healed, but not quite


  • My brain! The ease at which I succumb to walking when I’m not tired
  • The results. :/
  • Photo finish! Just once, I’d like a fantastic finish line photo

OK, speaking of photos. This has put me into giggle fits more times than I really care to admit. I went to look at my results, and there is the always available photo tab. So I opened the tab to find my photos. And this is what they had listed for me:

UM. That bright yellow ray of sunshine is not me. Since I was looking at the pics on my phone I was so confused. My race number is not anywhere in this photo, so I was not sure how they could possibly associate it with my profile. I’m not sure what the ray of sunshine is doing, but I’ve been cracking myself up that she totally looks like she’s primping in front of a mirror.

Once I opened up the pictures on my computer, I saw the reason this picture was listed as mine. If you look closely behind the ray of sunshine, you will see two thumbs way WAY up! That blurry, out of focus creature is me. Happy to be crossing the finish line.

So I’ve giggled about my outstanding race photo for coming up on a week now.

Today when I went back to my race results page so that I could write this post I clicked on the photos tab just to take another look at the ray of sunshine pic. And voila! There were actually two race pics of me where I could tell immediately that they were me.  This brings me back to my bullet point of wanting just ONE decent race pic. These are not it, but I don’t care. I have my finishers picture, which is what I want.


Looking at the pic, I can see why my shoulders are tight after a run. Hmm.

Pretty ugly results. Ten full minutes slower than last year.

All that being said, I really enjoy the Halloween race. Slow or not, it’s a fun race.

I have a LOT of work to do before my next race. 15K!!!! It will be the longest distance I have ever run. My Iron Cowboy run leg was under 8 miles. 15K is 9.3. Yikes!

Moving on to my next great adventure!


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