Checking In & Other Such Nonsense

How is it the first of September already?? This year is just flying by!

As I have planned out my Fall races and workout plans, I have taken stock of where I stand on my annual distance goals and find that I am falling short. With my races this fall, I should have no trouble completing my Run goals. And based on my current distance on the bike, I should be able to complete that, as well. I’m not really sure if I can complete my walking and swimming goal, though. I have work to do.

It’s all doable. Anything is doable. I just need to re-focus and make a final push through the rest of the year. I’m definitely not at the point of throwing in the towel yet.

How do you manage your fitness goals? What do you do when you’re falling behind? At what point do you decide to readjust the goals?

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