Conversations With Mara (re: Mom)

Mara’s birthday is tomorrow. We had her party at our place off the grid last weekend. MY mom came out for it. So there was Mara. Mara’s Mom. Mara’s Grandma. Mara’s Great-Grandma.

Explain how all that works to a four year old.

Melissa: “Mara, this is you Great-Grandma. You can still just call her Grandma, though.”

Mara: “Hi. Grandma. I love you.”

(Mara has never met anyone who wasn’t a friend – just like her mother.)

Great-Grandma: “I love you, too, Mara.”

Time passes. Nap time closes in. Melissa takes Mara to the camper to go to bed.

Mara: “Mommy, do you know who my best friend is?”

Melissa: “No, Mara. Who is your best friend?”

Mara: “The good grandma.”


Much discussion later, Mara finally gets Melissa to understand who she’s talking about.

Melissa: “OH!!!! You mean your Great-Grandma?”

Mara: “YES, Mommy! The good grandma!”

The Mommy, the Grandpa, the Great-Grandma (or the good grandma, depending on your perspective), and half of the plain ol’ boring NOT BEST FRIEND Grandma.

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