Are We There Yet?

For Hell’s Sake, y’all!! I am an impatient person! I know. I know. That was a “knock your socks off” kind of revelation.

Today we begin. Normalcy. I’ve been antsy, antsy, antsy all weekend. I intentionally took two weeks off after my Doxa race last month. I made that plan prior to leaving for the race, thinking that I was going to be so sore that I would need the time to recover. Turns out, I didn’t really get sore. Tired. Yes. A new level of exhaustion. For sure. But muscularly sore? Nope. Nada. Nil. Not a bit. So weird. It’s like all the training I did before hand was beneficial or something. It sure didn’t help me to be faster (or even fast at all), but when it came right down to recovering, I’m astounded at how quickly it happened.

Right or wrong, I have stuck to my plan of a two week break. And I’ve been bored out of my mind. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines doing my yoga, catching up on some sleep, and trying to remember how I need to be eating. A full week’s worth of not much more than sandwiches left me craving ALL THE FOOD! So I’ve been indulging in really delicious food. Really delicious food doesn’t always equate to really nutritious food. BUT…I do not feel the slightest bit guilty for the indulgences. This is NEW for me. No guilt? Odd.

I’m rested. I’m fed. I am prepared with my weeks worth of snacks and veggies and lunches and meal plan. And it’s MONDAY! Not typically something I get excited about. But today I jump back into my workouts. Who’d have ever thought I’d miss a regular workout schedule? Not me, that’s who!

I revamped my “basic menu” a little bit so that it’s easier for me to plug in meals.

Workout plan is ready to go!

And here we are – back to a normal week! Finally!

Happy Dance!

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