It’s A Hard Knock Life

Oh, to be an animal in my house!

I’m babysitting a friend’s pup for the next couple of weeks (11 days, to be exact). He’s a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix and oh, good lord, is he ever a sweetheart!!! I’ve questioned my sanity a number of times for agreeing to this so close to when I leave for my Iron Cowboy, but I have a hard time saying no to the chance at having another dog in the house. Mack is a bit spoiled so it is good for him to have to share the limelight.

Grizzly, the new baby, is a bit fearful of everything. I’ve never met a Pyr in my life who wasn’t confident in everything. I’ve only met a few Anatolians, and confidence isn’t an issue with them, either, so it’s been interesting dealing with a dog that I expect is going to jump into a new situation and take complete control, but. ..doesn’t.

Grizzly’s family LOVES this dog and they want to baby him. This is a breed that doesn’t do well with being babied. They need to feel in control. They need to feel like THEY are protectors. Babying them doesn’t help with this dog becoming what a Pyr is supposed to be: fearless, protective, confident, loving, able to assess a situation and act upon the assessment.

He is 7 months old. He doesn’t know how to go up and down stairs because he’s been carried up and down stairs. He is scared to death of the hardwood floors because he is carried over the hardwood floors at home, and he slipped on them once, so…. He doesn’t know sit, stay, down, come.  Basic obedience commands.

He is VERY good about not pottying in the house. He is a very good eater. He is super snuggly. He’s intrigued by the cats (yet respectful of their space).

I have 11 days with him. He’s smart. So smart. He has mastered SIT already. If I can get him to confidently go up and down the stairs, and confidently walk around on the hardwood floors, then I will feel like his time at my house has been successful.

I wish he could stay with me forever, and it’s going to be difficult to give him back when his momma gets home. Having a Pyr In the house again! It’s like a bit of magic stopped by for a visit. But we’ve got some work to do.

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