We all know that we’re individuals and that we should never compare ourselves to others. We have our own strengths. Our own weaknesses.

One of my weaknesses is comparing myself to other people.


I was looking at my Garmin Insights today – you know…that data thing that I love so much – and thought I’d check out how I rank among other women my age. Or at least other Garmin-using women my age.

I’m 54. I’m at the top end of my age group.  And apparently, I suck at getting enough steps in per day. Boo.

I take 14% more steps than other my age. Gotta step it up!!!


Sleeping has never been an issue for me. I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. I wake up at about 4am to pee and then go right to sleep. Not surprising that I sleep better than 55% of others my age.


Running surprised me a little. I run farther than 32% of women my age. Women my age sure as shit don’t run very far if I run FARTHER than them.



So, it would seem that I cycle FASTER than 29% of women in my age group. That made me laugh out loud because lately I feel like my speed has been pretty slow. I’m blaming that on the stupid, stupid winds that we’ve been having. I’m not sure why Missouri has been so windy lately. Probably because Kansas sucks, but that’s a different discussion.


For someone with a Type A personality, I’m kind of surprised that I’m not bothered by being in the lower half of the percentages (except sleep) on these things. It seems kind of obvious to me that if these insights are comparing people to other Garmin users, that we’re not dealing with a normal group of society. We’re dealing with people who give a damn about health and fitness. So I’m OK with not being NUMBER ONE! I know my strengths and weaknesses. I work to improve my weaknesses. I try to not brag on my strengths.


There ya have it. Another little peak inside my data-driven brain! Happy Friday! Get outside and do something active this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Insights

  1. I would say you take more steps than WAYYYY more than 13% of the population your age. This is only tracking Garmin users – and in my experience, people who wear pedometers tend to be more active people. They are PLENTY of lazy people out there who get very few steps – they just don’t wear fitness trackers! 🙂

    • Hah. Yes, I know. I did make that caveat that I was at the low end of the spectrum because the insights were just Garmin users. I would imagine that I’m in the 90th (or 98th) percentile for the normal population of women my age. 😉

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