Iron Cowboy

And Now We Cry

This weekend we were at one of our friend’s cabins off the grid and I had my phone plugged in by their picnic table. I went to get it before I headed back to our camper for bed, and as I stepped back from the table I didn’t remember that there was a small retaining wall (one single block high). I caught the edge with no more than the ball of my foot, and down I went. Landed on my butt, rolled backwards, legs straight up in the air. My phone went flying. I immediately looked around to make sure nobody saw and I was just giggling at the mental image of what I’m sure I looked like. 

It was the weirdest sensation because as my legs flung up in the air both quads and my left calf completely Charlie Horsed. I’m not sure why. Maybe the combination of my left foot slipping and twisting off the block and both legs tensing up to try and …. I don’t know … break my fall, maybe. 

Walking up the stairs to my camper, my quads felt like I had just finished a five mile run. They felt heavy and exhausted. I was mumbling to myself and cursing at the absurdity of the situation. 

When I got into bed and stretched out to get comfortable my left calf started Charlie Horsing again. I spent the entire night randomly stretching out the cramp. In the morning I took two Aleve and went about my day. The leg felt good all day but later in the night started feeling tight again. 

Another Aleve before bed. Slept. Woke up this morning a little stiff but not too bad. When I got home from off the grid I headed into the back yard to check on things and it felt fine walking about. Then I headed UP the stairs and it became abundantly clear that I strained my knee in the process of falling off a stupid block. 

I’m so mad. It is the end of my rest week. I have hill repeats tomorrow. Volleyball Tuesday. Weights and a short bike ride Wednesday. 30 minute easy run on Thursday (and a relaxing bike ride with my friend). Rest day on Friday. Long run on Saturday. Swim and a long bike ride on Sunday. 

This couldn’t have happened at the BEGINNING of my rest week??? I mean, seriously! 

Truth be told, rest weeks are very difficult for me. I get in this weird, uncomfortable head space because while I know (logically) that it’s an important part of the plan, my brain goes BUT THERE’S LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TO PREPARE! Every fiber of my being screams that I need to be out there running, biking, swimming, lifting weights, walking the dog, doing yoga, and-and-and-and. And it stresses me out to be resting when there is work to be done. 

And so I do the only logical thing. 


Because what else do you do at the end of an already grueling rest week and all I can see in this one moment is that I’m injured and now what? 

Pity Party. Table for one. 


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