News, Not News

This is going to come as a huge shock to your system, so brace yourself!!

I love data! I’m a spreadsheet junkie. I live by my Garmin. The more information the better.

  • Every day I step on the scale just to keep me in line.
  • Every week I mark my official weight on MyFitness Pal.
  • Every month I mark my official weight on my spreadsheet.
  • Every month I take measurements and mark them on my spreadsheet.

It’s how I keep on track.

The last Friday in April I did my monthly measurements and was ecstatic because overall I was DOWN more than 5 inches! FIVE! That’s more progress than I’ve seen in a while.

The last Friday in May I did my monthly measurements and was UP 1.5 inches!

This makes me scratch my head and go, “What the hell? My workout routine has not changed!!”

And then I did the logical thing. I went back through my food on MFP to see if there were differences there. Ummmmmm. *sigh

So….May was not a stellar month when it came to food.

Throughout April I was very dedicated about my meal prep. I had all my veggies cut and ziplocked on Sunday for the entire week. I ate a sandwich and tons of veggies for lunch every day. I ate reasonable dinners with tons of veggies every day. I logged more than 7 veggie servings per day!! I didn’t eat lunch out except TWICE in the month of April!

May was a little bit of a different story. I was lucky if I logged 2 veggie servings per day. And I ate lunch out TWICE A WEEK!!!! Every week of the month!!!!

In case you were wondering, the key to weight loss is not eating out twice a week and making sure to eat plenty of veggies. Who knew??? NEWSFLASH!! Or not.

Yeh. I already knew all this. That does not mean I always do it. But when I see such a drastic difference from one month to the next and the data is right in front of my face on a spreadsheet and a food logging app, it’s kind of a jolt to the system. It reaffirms in my brain what I need to be doing. With any luck, it’ll be there in the back of my brain when my co-worker asks me if I want spicy dippers (my weakness)!

I feel like I say this all the time, but it’s time to get back on track! Back on the wagon! At some point in my life the healthy eating decisions are going to be easy. Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping for.


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