A Little Bit Afraid

There are TEN WEEKS and ONE DAY before my Iron Cowboy event. I’m feeling VERY comfortable with the bike ride. I’m feeling VERY comfortable with the swim. I’m feeling MODERATELY afraid of the run.

The first 10K I ever did, my goal was to run the whole thing. And I did. It was hard. Painful. Emotionally challenging. But I did it. That was October 12, 2014 and I did it in one hour and twenty minutes. That is a LONG time to run without stopping. My hips hurt for a week afterwards. Previous to that race the furthest I had ever run was four miles. I was under trained and probably had my expectations set too high and should have not been so determined to run without any walk breaks.

For the next year I did all my runs and races as solid runs without walk breaks. I have discovered that I have two mile hips. Anything more than that and my hips are screaming at me. Not to mention my recurring plantar fasciitis issues. I have done a few things to fix these two issues.

  • Strength training
  • Foam rolling
  • Cross training
  • Yoga
  • Interval training

I no longer do ONLY running as a workout. I’m more diverse in what I do for my body. I pay more attention to what my body needs. I have come to terms with being able to call myself a runner even if I “only” run in intervals. I don’t do full on “run only with no walk break” races. I do everything in intervals, even my long runs.

I was researching articles on half marathon training and doing all the math in regards to mileage increase each week and would toss out the plan if it increased mileage too drastically. If the plan allotted for only running I threw it out. If the plan required more than three days of running a week I threw it out. Then I came across a plan that was strictly interval training, even the weekly long runs. The race day plan was to run a half marathon in intervals. 13 minute run/2 minute walks. BingoBangoBongo! We had a winner!

That’s the plan I picked. The mileage increases each week were logical. The runs per week were logical. The interval plan actually made the angels sing!

When I swapped out my half marathon plan for the ironman relay I adjusted my plan to include biking and swimming as part of my training, as opposed to my recovery days.

Last week I did my six mile run in 6 minute run/1 minute walk intervals. This week I have a seven mile run at 7 minute run/2 minute walk intervals. I feel like I am SO FAR AWAY from the 13/2 race day plan. I’m trying to not let it worry me because I know that if I have to take it to a 10/1 or 12/2 or 8/2 or 6/1 or whatever, that I can finish my leg and be fine. So I’m not freaking out freaking out, but I’m in a worried about it freaking out mode. I want to make my 13/2 goal. BUT….I have a bike leg and swim leg AFTER my run leg, and more important than making my goal for the run is to be able to make my goal for the whole race.

Yeh. A little afraid that I won’t be ready. But doing the work to make sure I can finish. It’s definitely been a journey. An emotional, physical, and mental journey. Ten weeks will be here before I know it.

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