New(ish) PR

I love data! I believe I say that a LOT. But I really do love it. How else do you get visual evidence of progress? I’m a visual person and I want to SEE the progress, not just feel it.

My Garmin provides this for me. This morning when I logged in on the computer (I normally use my phone) I got this:

I was all WHOO HOO!!! Even though I knew it wasn’t actually the farthest I’ve run. It’s just the farthest I’ve run with my new(ish) Garmin – the VivoSmart. Previously i was using Ann’s old Forerunner 10.

So…. even though the 6.02 isn’t the farthest I’ve ever run, it’s the farthest I’ve run in a while and the farthest I’ve run since getting my VivoSmart. And since Garmin is so proud of this accomplishment, I obviously had to shout it out to everyone!!

I have seven miles (EEP!) on my workout schedule for this weekend. The six from last weekend was hard. I’m a little bit afraid of this one. BUT….I’ll get another virtual award, y’all!!

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