Riding With Allergies

I have allergies. Gross, nasty, seasonal allergies. Trees mostly. This makes biking out doors…. tricky.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and if I wait for a good time to ride out doors I will never ride out doors. It’s too windy. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too rainy. It’s too dry. The trees are blossoming. The grass is seeding. The dust is atrocious. And on and on and on.

Today was windy. 12mph from the southwest. When the wind comes from anywhere south-related it means headwind both ways on the trail. The wind hits the bluffs and just spins. No big deal. Just work a little harder and away we go.

I had noticed the cotton floating about in the air before I even left work so I popped a couple allergy pills prior to loading up my bike and heading to the trail.

The ride went along the lines of this:

Ah, beautiful day for a ride.

Oof, wind.

Oh. Tailwind. Good time for a speed interval. Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride.

Headwind. Good time for a slow interval. Doop de doop de doop. Easy.

Ouch – bug in the eye. Peddle/blink/peddle/blink. Dig the bug out of the ol’ eye.

Wishing I had my eye drops.

Speed interval.

Slow interval.

Speed interval.

Slow interval.

Turn around to head back.

BAM!!! Headwind!!!

Speed intervals are slower.

Slow intervals are slower.

Cotton puffs blowing in my face.




Farmer’s blow.



Speed interval.

Almost there.

Cool down.

Stop the garmin.

Load the bike.

Douse eyes with eye drops.


Mascara running everywhere!

Sit in the car in the A/C waiting for the eye drops to do their thing.

Feeling better.

Awesome ride! Can’t wait til my 35 miler on Saturday!

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