Mark has received three calls in the past week from a company who installs walk in bath tubs. Mark politely declined the first two times. The last time he said that we did not need a walk in tub. They insisted, “But you can qualify for one.” Mark responded with, “How can we qualify for one when I play volleyball four nights a week and my wife runs marathons.” He looked at me after he got off the phone and goes, “I know marathons wasn’t the right word but I don’t know how to describe that craziness that you do.”

Ah, yes. Craziness. Crazy that when you reach a certain age people expect that you’re going to curl into a ball and die. 

Not in my house! 

We’re at that age where we have total freedom to do whatever we want. 

We’re at that age where boundaries mean nothing to us. 

We’re at that age where we’re inclined to say YES I CAN when our bodies are saying YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T. 

We’re at that age for a lot of things. A walk in bath tub is NOT one of them.