Patience – To Be, Or Not To Be

So my foot feels good.

This means I can go for a run today, right?



I told myself that I was focusing on the other aspects of my cardio training (biking and swimming) and continuing my strength training for this whole week, and maybe next. Because I thought that’s how much time I needed. But my foot feels good TODAY.

I am nothing, if not impatient. Trust me, I’m trying to stick to my plan of recovery, but it is so nice outside. Low 70s. Cloudy. A little breezy, but not unbearable. What I am trying to tell you is that it is PERFECT running weather. And my foot feels good. I mean. I don’t wanna walk around barefoot on my wood floors. Not that kind of good. But the kind of good where I can walk around pain free in my running shoes. That’s good enough, right?

Do you see how I get myself into trouble? It’s like the doc giving you ten days of antibiotics and after six days you feel better so what do you do? You stop taking the antibiotic. And then what happens? Superbugs happen, that’s what! I know this about antibiotics and I religiously follow the proper dosage and time frame for said dosage. So why can’t I put the same plan into effect when it comes to my foot recovery? You may have thought that sounded rhetorical, but it wasn’t. Why is my brain so resistant to following a healing plan when it comes to my muscles and tendons, but when it comes to microbial shit that goes on I’m perfectly happy to follow the healing plan? My brain is stupid, that’s why.

So I’m going to NOT run tonight. Boo. Hiss.

I’m going to do my strength training like I have on my plan. Don’t wanna. Gonna.

Here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

Warm up 10 minutes; each set twice w/60 sec rest between; cool down 10 minutes. Then we YOGA!

Example of what a set entails: 1-A 8 times; 1-B 8 times; 1-A 8 times; 1-B 8 times; rest (or as I like to call it – DIE) 60 seconds. Continue with all five sets in the same fashion. 

  • 1-A: clean and press with bar – 45ish#
  • 1-B: reverse lunge with forward arm raises – 10#
  • 2-A: plank with tricep pull backs – 8#
  • 2-B: curtsy lunge with lateral raises – 3#
  • 3-A: bridge flies on yoga ball – 8#
  • 3-B: sumo squats with overhead press – 20#
  • 4-A: 90-90 lift (feet on the wall, legs at 90 degrees, glute lift)
  • 4-B: single leg dead lift 10#
  • 5-A: reverse crunch (superman on yoga ball with forward arm raises) – 10#
  • 5-B: goblet squats with bicep curls (kettlebell) – 25#

1-A Includes a freaking ton of squats. Squat pick up bar to hips. Squat raise bar to shoulders. Squat press bar above head. Squat lower bar to shoulders. Squat lower bar to hips. Squat drop bar to floor. Lather Rinse Repeat 8 more times. I’m pretty much DONE by the time I’m finished with 1-A.

1-B Is pretty straight forward and fairly easy for me. Ten pound dumb bell in each hand. Raise arms straight forward as I step back into my reverse lunge. Bring arms back to sides as I rise up from reverse lunge.

2-A I kind of have to cheat on. It should be full plank with hands holding the dumb bell. Pull right arm up to chest then back down. Pull left arm up to chest then back down. Well, my core isn’t strong enough to do this in full out plank position. So I use a yoga ball at my hips – or just a little lower than the hips at the top part of my quads. This gives me enough support for my weak core, yet forces me to really engage my core to perform the task. I’m waiting for the day that I won’t need the assistance of the yoga ball, but after two months, I’m still not there yet. Trying to not let that psych me out.

2-B Is totally enjoyable for me. I love a good curtsy lunge. I do have a kind of fucked up shoulder so I use super light weights for my lateral arm raises. I can lift heavy (ish) above my head and forward, but laterally….nope, nope, nope. It’s kind of embarrassing holding the wee little 3 pound dumb bells, but with all the swimming and lifting I’m doing, I can feel my shoulder getting better and better, and I certainly am NOT going to do anything stupid and mess up the progress I’ve made in recovering my shoulder. So…stupid looking wee little 3 pound dumb bells it is!

3-A Kind of makes me want to cry. Using the yoga ball under my shoulders, I hold my core in a tight bridge position and do flies – arms fully outstretched at my side, raised straight up over my chest then back down. Similar to the lateral raises, this one is hard. I can handle an 8 pound weight without pain, but it’s difficult. I guess that’s why I do it. Conquer all things that are difficult, right?

3-B I will admit to being one of the weird ones. I LOVE sumo squats. It feels so good in my hips to stretch them out as I dip down into sumo position. I use 20 pound dumb bells in each hand sitting at my shoulders at the top part of the squat. Raised directly overhead at the sumo part of the squat. Drop back to the shoulders as I rise out of the squat. I love this move. By the end of the second round of these, my arms are tired, but I can handle the 20 pounds (40 total, I guess) without too much trouble.

4-A This 90-90 lift is a super small movement, but Day-UM!! Lie on your back, feet on the wall so that your legs are at a 90 degree angle. It is the smallest movement to engage your glutes and just barely lift them off the floor, hold them there for 15 seconds, then lower it back to the floor. It looks like nothing. It is something! AND… it helps a LOT with my old lady saggy pelvic floor issues (which, even after all these years post-op STILL gives me trouble).

4-B I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is all.

5-A I have always neglected my lower back and need to be better about doing supermans and reverse crunches and stuff like that. This is another one of those small movement things. I put my feet against a wall for support and the yoga ball under my belly/hips. Weight in my arms. Arms outstretched. Engage glutes and core to raise the upper body. It’s hard for me. It’ll get easier. Probably.

5-B MY FAVORITE!!! So I do a goblet squat a little differently than is written in the good book. Feet just a titch wider than hip width. Kettlebell (25 pound) held next to chest. Lower into squat. Sounds normal, I know. However, hold the squat here and lower your arms so the kettlebell is between ye olde legs. Stand back up. Curl the kettlebell back to the chest. This does a couple of things. Gets a good bicep curl going during the squat, for one. The other is that it forces you to use your muscles during the squat. A lot of problems with squats is that people drop down and pop right back up. If you think of a rubberband, your muscles are like that. If you shoot back up, the muscle memory is doing half the work of the rise and you tend to use your quads more than your glutes. When you rest for a second or two while you drop the kettlebell, your muscle forgets that you’re going to be popping back up to a standing position and it disengages. This means that you MUST use your glutes to push back up to stand. Since I’ve been doing my goblet squats this way I have noticed a HUGE difference in my strength when I run. I know that I do hill repeats regularly, which helps, but I really think that this one move has helped me increase my pace more than anything else that I’ve done in my running drills. Of course, I’m not an exercise professional, so grain of salt and all that, but for my body….this is perfect!

Between my warm up, weight circuit, and cool down, this takes about 40 – 45 minutes. Then I do about 20 – 30 minutes of Hatha Yoga (NO vinyasas after this set) to really make sure that I’m stretched out properly. So tonight I’m looking at about an hour and a half for my workout. I’m going to try and do it without whining about not being able to run yet. I’m going to try and remember that patience is a virtue. I’m going to try and then try again. And then try some more. Then next week I am going to RUN!

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