Then We Roll

So I have a tendency towards plantar fasciitis. It’s super fun.

I take full responsibility for it because I can get pretty lazy about really stretching out well. I’m lazy about using a foam roller after my runs. I get in a hurry. Gotta get my run done. Gotta get my weights done. Gotta get my stretching done.

Yup. I know why I have these flare ups. Each time I SWEAR that this time I’ll do what I’m supposed to. This time I’ll be better. This time I’ll pay attention to the signs of an on-set. This time. This time. This time.

Well, this time when I first noticed the tingle in my foot, I stopped my run immediately and walked back home. I whined about it to my sisters. They told me to do all the things that I know I need to be doing. And I was doing OK with behaving myself until last Wednesday.

After volleyball some of my teammates wanted to play pickleball, so I figured I’d take the time and just walk. I had on my volleyball shoes, not my running shoes, but I didn’t figure that would make a difference since I was “just walking.” As it turns out, when you walk five miles in volleyball shoes (after running 4 miles a couple days prior), your feet get super pissed at you. About mile 4 I felt that all too familiar twinge in my foot and instead of stopping, I just kept right on going. The alternative would have been to go sit and wait for the pickleball crew to decide they were done. I don’t do “sit and wait” very well. This is a PROBLEM for me. Because of my inability to “sit and wait” I am now dealing with an irritated foot.

Now, because I didn’t “sit and wait,” I have to rearrange my workout schedule. This pisses me off. There will be more bikes, swims, strength and less run, run, run while I roll, roll, roll and stretch, stretch, stretch.

So here I sit.

Yoga ball under foot so that my calf can sit at an angle that will help keep it loos while I sit at my desk. When I stand up to work (I have a varidesk) I can roll my foot. I can do calf stretches. I can try my best to rehab throughout the whole day, at regular intervals, so that I can hopefully speed up the recovery.

At home I’ve been religiously using the foam roller on my calves. I’ve been religiously doing yoga to keep all my muscles and tendons flexible. I’ve been hyper aware of what is going on in my foot. I can’t let it sideline me like it’s done in the past. I have places to go and people to see, dammit!

And so I roll.

Roll, roll, roll.

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