To Give Up

One of my colleagues who is part of our biggest loser competition popped into my office on Friday and asked, "Do we have weekly numbers yet?" We didn't. We were still waiting for one more person to weigh in. It was fine. She would wait. And she popped back out of my office and headed … Continue reading To Give Up

Lessons Learned; Insight Gained

Lessons learned: Bike seat height is crucial!!! I realized when I rode my cushy bike the other day that it was comfortable, and not just because of the cushy seat. So I measured seat height between the two bikes when I got home from my ride and what would you know... two and a half … Continue reading Lessons Learned; Insight Gained

Nine Lives

The last of Tippy's nine lives was used up last night when I shut the garage lid, not realizing he was hanging out on top of the open door. At 13 or 14 years old, he just wasn't quick enough to escape the closing door. I am heart broken and wracked with guilt at my … Continue reading Nine Lives

I Choose

I started doing a yoga challenge with a group of friends. I do yoga fairly regularly as a post-run stretch. For the past nine weeks I have had a very stringent workout schedule. I could tell that my body really needed a break so I veered from my plan and deemed this to be Recovery … Continue reading I Choose