For A Woman Your Age

If you want to know how to rile me up quicker than just about anything when you're talking with me, complete a sentence with "for a woman your age." Wow - you look great (for a woman your age) You're pretty strong (for a woman your age) You did an awesome job on that race … Continue reading For A Woman Your Age

New Best

The first of many new bests for me!  The thing I love about tracking everything in my garmin is that it keeps track of my PRs. I'm getting to the point in my training where each Saturday when I do my long run I will get a new "Congratulations" notification. 5.2 is not the furthest … Continue reading New Best


I have this love/hate relationship with my hair. It's pretty much my crowning jewel, so I love it. But it is a battle every day to contain it. Ever since my hysterectomy I've had some fairly bizarre hormonal changes in my body. This has caused my thyroid to act goofy. And by goofy I mean … Continue reading Love/Hate

Two Easy Steps

How to crack up your daughters in two easy steps! While having mighty struggles building a retaining wall, your daughter (who is sitting next to your UBER religious mother) asks, "What are you trying to do, Mom?" You respond, "I'm trying to get the nail to go into the fucking board." ::crickets:: Then - the … Continue reading Two Easy Steps