Progress Check – Q1

At the beginning of the year I set some mileage goals. I have since adjusted those goals from Running, Biking, Swimming to Running, Biking, Swimming, and Walking. A couple of reasons for this change. Primarily (and this is going to sound stupid) because my Garmin keeps track of mileage on my running shoes, and I walk in my running shoes, so I was missing out on some important data.

I know. I know. I’m a FREAK about the stupid data!

We’re just over the halfway mark of the first quarter of the year and I really felt like I have been falling behind on being able to keep my goals in a manageable time frame, so it was time to gauge where I am.


You can see from the distance listed here, that I kept my overall goal to 1000 miles, and adjusted each category accordingly.

I took my total annual distance and divided it by four (because there are four quarters in a year). I looked at my current totals. I’m happy to say that except for the swimming, I’m right on track. Looking at what I will need to do weekly to hit the quarterly mark, it fits easily into what I have in my training plan. Except for the swimming.

I underestimated what my swims would be. I swim one day per week, and with 50 miles for my annual goal, that’s just under one mile a week. Easy. I thought. It isn’t. I consistently hit 800M (1/2 mile) with each swim but rarely hit that mile mark. I don’t want to adjust the goal because I know that as I get stronger in the pool I will get closer to hitting that mile per swim goal. Worst case scenario, I do an extra swim per week every now and again.

So, analysis complete. Freakout averted. I’m on track to hit what I need to hit by the end of the first quarter. I’m on track to meet a very ridiculous annual goal.

Right now. I’m happy.

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