Data, Glorious Data

Yes, I’m a data nerd. I’m not even a little bit sorry about it. I mean, how else do you know how you’re doing? Huh?  Huh???

The last Friday of every month I do my “official” weigh in and measurements. They have not been very pretty in recent months. Definitely not brag-worthy! This month I feel like a wanna shout from the roof tops that I AM MAKING BABY STEPS!!!!!!  Baby steps, yo!

In my Biggest Loser challenge at work, I know I’m not going to be the one who loses the most weight, or the highest percentage of weight lost. I’m just not. No big deal. We are not doing measurements as part of our challenge, but measurements are what I tend to look at to gauge success rather than weight. I’m…thick. And dense. Not in the “doop-dee-doop-dee-doo” sense. But in the “freaking solid” sense. One day at volleyball, my team mate was going for the ball at the same time as me. She’s my height. Similar build as me. She ran square into my body and literally bounced off me. She picked herself up off the floor and goes, “Damn, you’re solid as a rock. You didn’t even move!” Yup. I’m solid as a rock. A jiggly wiggly rock, but solid as a rock. So, yeh…I’m dense.


It’s nothing spectacular, but I’ll take it! Progress, no matter how small, is still progress and I’m totally happy with it!

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