First Results

At the end of week two in our Biggest Loser challenge we had our first weigh in. Some have decided that they wanted to wait until the very end and only weigh in at the final weigh in. This is just fine. The others…well, they do what I tell them. So we weighed in.

I didn’t win this week’s weigh in and I knew I wouldn’t. But I didn’t lose this week’s weigh in, either, which came as a bit of a shock to me.

  • 3.67%
  • 2.50%
  • 2.30%
  • 1.64%
  • 1.61%
  • 1.28%
  • 0.96%

Three guesses which is me!

Nevermind – I’ll just tell ya! 1.28%

Not the bottom. But almost the bottom. And I’m really OK with that.

0.96% and 1.64% are our biggest guys and I was stunned by their numbers. I expected them to be much closer to the top of the chart. But…it’s only the end of week 2, so there is plenty of time for shock and awe.

I will say that I am enjoying this challenge. It’s fun to do something with my peeps at work. They’re pretty awesome. My biggest struggle is watching the way some of them are going about it and refraining from shouting “YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!!” We each have our own journey and I need to let them find their own path. This will be my real challenge.

So far, so good.

I lost weight, y’all!!


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