If It Can, It Will

I had such a perfect plan for my Sunday. Get up. Hit the weight room at the gym for a little pre-swim lifting. Go to the pool and get my swim in. Go home and clean house. Relax and catch up on my Ellen shows for the week after Mark left for volleyball.

But, as we all know, if something can go wrong, it will.

Such was the day. It wasn’t a bad day. I had many, many good points to it. It just did not go according to my plan.

I slept in later than I even thought possible, which is odd. I don’t sleep in. Ever! Ate a leisurely breakfast – gotta fuel up for the swim. Had a cup of coffee with my husband while I let my food settle a little bit. Put my shoes on so I could head out the door.

Phone rings.

A completely pleasant surprise. A call from my daughter. My poor grandson was sick so they were at home instead of church, so she thought she would give me a call. We talked for over an hour! This is unusual, but delightful.

Only an hour left for lap swimming so no weight training before swimming. No big deal. At least I’d get my swim in.

Wonder of wonder. Miracle of miracles. My swim cap went on FIRST TRY! This never happens. It’s such a clumsy contraption and difficult to put on. But.  First try! This was gonna be an epic swim, I could feel it!

Got in the pool and my first rotation to the right to breathe and there is water in my eye. I continued down the lane trying to ignore it, but uck. So irritating. Removed the goggles. Checked for cracks. Put them back on. Better. Back down the lane I go.

Now, what’s this? Water in my ears? How is that possible. The swim headband that goes underneath the swim cap is supposed to be an extra barrier against water getting in my ears. I did not even make it the full length of the pool. The very moment water trickled into my ear I stopped and readjusted. Back to the swimming.

More water in the goggles. More adjustments. More water in the ears. More adjustments. It took me a good 400 meters to get everything working the way I needed it to work. Frustrating. But not frustrating enough for me to just throw my hands up in the air, get out of the pool, and call it a day. I finished my swim. Actually, finished it kinda like a rock star. Last week’s average pace was 2:52/100m. This week’s average pace was 2:42/100m. So, yeh…like a rock star.

Like a tired rock star. I walked right past the weight room on my way out and didn’t even feel bad about it. I was tired. And HUNGRY. And I had to go grocery shopping on my way home. So I did that. Grocery shopping while hungry. It’s a brilliant move, really.

Got home. Ate lunch. Best damned sandwich ever!

Decided I’d get my lifting done while Mark went to play volleyball. Volleyball got cancelled. So I went back over to the gym and Mark came with me. It’s been a long time since we’ve worked out together, so that was nice. When we were done he got a text that someone wanted to buy something so he dropped me off at home so I could do my yoga and he headed into work.

Did my yoga. A very shaky, unstable yoga practice. My arms and legs were noodley after a swim and lifting. Even though they were hours apart. Still….noodley.

By that time, it was 5pm. The day was pretty much gone. Looking around my house, I feel like I accomplished nothing all day. But it’s the first day in a long time that Mark and I have spent the majority of it together. That’s never a wasted day.

I ended the day with a nice dinner and an even nicer glass of wine. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, but it ended up being a pretty alright day.

Life is good.

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