Crisis Averted

It’s been a few days since I initially freaked out over my Biggest Loser challenge at work. There are just so many other things to freak out over, so I’ve cooled my jets a bit.

I have not been able to get out of my head some machine telling me that I need to lose 85 pounds, so I began doing a little bit of research into the machine that we are using to measure percentage of body fat. As it turns out, my tech who told me that number – that insane 85 pound number – was the amount I needed to lose was wrong.




What that 85 means is that out of my total body weight 85 pounds of it is fat. Now, this doesn’t make me feel a ton better because that’s a helluva lot of fat. But if I take my total weight and my body fat percentage, it comes out to right about 85.

This is logical.

I don’t like the number. But the reason for the number now has a logical meaning and it makes sense and I’ve calmed down.

What wasn’t logical was someone (or some machine) thinking that I needed to lose 85 pounds and THEN I would be healthy. I couldn’t process that, so I obsessed over it.

I am no longer obsessing about it. I’m not longer freaked out by it. I am just going about my business of trying to eat as well as I can, exercises in a fashion that I need to, and continue my journey towards being stronger.

Crisis Averted!

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