Dare To Dream

Yesterday was a rough day. I was in such a strange head space most of the day. I’m fortunate to have great friends and family who can talk me off the ledge and help to pull me out of the funk and get me back to my normal, indestructible, invincible self.

My plan yesterday was to throw my bike in the truck and head to the Trail directly after work for a bike ride. My bike workout is normally on Saturday, but I have plans on Saturday with my sister, plus it was supposed to be in the upper 50s yesterday, which is perfect for a bike ride. When I woke up yesterday morning it was drizzling. BOO! I already had my clothes together so I tossed them in my car and headed to work like normal. I thought I’d play it by ear and if it looked like it would clear up by lunch time I would go home and swap out my car for the truck and load my bike at that point.

Still drizzling at lunch. So I stayed put and decided that I’d do my hill repeats that were on my schedule for the day. It’s easier to do hill repeats in the rain than ride the bike in the rain.

You might wonder why I didn’t just look at the weather forecast. Well, I did. And it wasn’t supposed to start raining until 6pm, but I live in Missouri, so we only use the forecast as a gauge. The only way to really tell what is going to happen is to wait for it to happen.

After deciding to stick with my normal plan, wouldn’t you know it, the sun came up. It was after 3pm and it was WARM outside and I really wanted to go out on the bike. So I rushed home after work, changed as quickly as possible, loaded my bike and headed for the trail, knowing that I was 40 minutes later than if I’d have taken the bike to work, and it was going to be really close to dark by the time I got done with my ride.


I have a love/hate relationship with biking right now. The bike I’ll be riding during my Iron Cowboy is going to have a racing seat on it. My normal bike has a perfectly comfortable cushy seat on it. But in order to prepare the best I can, I need to get my ass used to the uncomfortable seat.

Sitting on a bike with nothing around but trees and birds and maniacal squirrels leaves a lot of time for thinking. This isn’t always a good thing, especially when you’re in a bit of discomfort. Discomfort spurs on negative thoughts for me. The kind of thoughts that get me questioning whether I can actually ride a bike for 33 miles. The kind of thoughts that get me thinking I’m too old to have such an outrageous goal. The kind of thoughts that say a serial killer is going to jump out of the woods and kill me because it’s starting to get dark.

When I got off the trail and loaded the bike I was deeper into my funk, which was a fitting way to end a day full of angst.

I  ate dinner and sat down to review the stats from my ride, compare it to previous rides, see where I needed to make improvements, search for improvements that I’ve already made….my typical post-workout analysis. Then I went to facebook.

My sister in law posts something every Monday in our Iron Cowboy group. Last night it was this:

“If you have a dream to be something big, you should go for it. But you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got. You’ve got to wake up & you’ve got to eat it, breath it, see it – every second of the day & if you do that you might be lucky enough one day to wake up & be playing at the halftime show.”
-Lady Gaga in preparation for Super Bowl LI halftime show

In the three seconds it took me to read the quote, my whole demeanor changed. I took a deep breath. Sighed a little. Reminded myself that it was OK to dream big dreams, even at my age. I’m putting in the work, mentally and physically. I know there are things that I need to improve on, but that’s part of the journey – part of the dream. It was the very thing that I needed to read after such a day.

Go ahead and dream big. Dream often. There’s nothing that we can’t do if we only dare to dream it.

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