Newest Obsession

Did I tell you that I got a new Garmin? Well, I did. My grandpuppy, Diesal, decided to eat my old one. But, my grandpuppy has responsible parents and they replaced it with a Fitbit. I thought the Fitbit might work. Right up until I knew it wouldn’t. It was not waterproof. I swim. Swimming requires waterproof. So I returned it.

I returned it before my new Garmin arrived, so I did the only logical thing possible. I swam with my Forerunner. It’s a Garmin. It should work. Right?


Well, unless you call this working:


It’s GPS enabled. I was in the lane right next to the window. This should have worked. I will admit to laughing and laughing when I looked at my “route.” Based on my time in the water (I know the time it takes me to swim a full lap), the distance it logged is correct. But I really expected to see a route that was more of a straight line. Up the lane. Back down the lane. Back up the lane. Back down the lane. You get the idea. At no point in time was I swimming in the cardio room. That would just be, well….awkward!

Clearly, I needed something that would accommodate my swimming more than the Forerunner does. I mean, I love my Forerunner. I’ve used it regularly, ever since Ann gave it to me. I really, really love my Forerunner. Although it has an ATM rating of 5, it obviously is not meant to track swimming. I can swim with it, but I can’t track my swimming – maybe for an open water swim, but definitely not lane swimming.

So I got my new Garmin. The Vivoactive. Not the active HR (which is what I should have purchased), but just the regular old Vivoactive. And I really, REALLY like it! I might change my mind when I start swimming in the lake because it only tracks lap swimming, not open water swimming. My swims look like this now:


*and the angels sang*

Awesome data! And anyone who knows me knows that I love a good piece of data.

Now that you know how much I love my new Garmin, let me tell you what I find to be horribly (irrationally) exciting.

It gives me my run cadence.

Yup. You heard me right!

Run – Cadence!

What the fuck is a run cadence? Well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. How many steps per minute do you take when you run? That’s your cadence. I can almost hear in my brain my son in law shouting out marching cadences to his young marine recruits. That’s what I’ve always thought of a cadence as… the rhymey/sing-songy “music” of a drill instructor.

I was looking at my run cadence from last night’s run. It hangs out in the 155 – 160 range. OK. I have no clue whether that’s good or bad. So I clicked the little question mark next to my run cadence prompt in my activity. It’s bad. Like, barely out of the LOWEST percentile that exists in the world of running.


The last sentence helped me feel like not quite the biggest loser on earth. I’m tall. My run cadence should be slower.

Here’s the personal growth part of this post.

It’s OK.

I’m OK with having a very low run cadence. It’s weird. I’m not in the 90th percentile at something and I’m OK with it.

I’ve said time and time again that I am a slow runner. I know that about myself. Sometimes I get frustrated with that aspect of who I am as a runner. But yesterday, I did my normal loop that typically is a 45 minute run, and I did it in 41 minutes. So I’m OK with my run cadence being barely out of the 5th percentile because I know I’m moving in the right direction. I am MOVING.

This is why I love data so much. It helps me gauge improvement. It can sometimes make me a little bit obsessive, but I’m pretty sure that is one of my more charming characteristics.

I’m improving.

I’m moving.

And I have the data to help keep me focused and motivated.

New obsessions are AWESOME!

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