Every Breath You Take

Every move you make.

Every step you take.

Every sweat you break.


Totally not sure where I was going with that.


It’s fairly essential to the running game. For YEARS – four, to be exact – I have tried to get this breathing game down. I’ve read everything on can on breathing strategies during a run. This is a good article that helped me quite a bit. I have really struggled to get into a good breathing rhythm during my runs. I’m not sure what makes it so difficult. Perhaps I am just one of those slow learners. I’m a slow runner, that’s for sure.

You’d think that breathing would just come naturally, but when I run I have felt like I’m basically just gasping for air as I trudge along the road.

Today’s run.

Felt different.

I don’t know if I’m just getting stronger so the breathing isn’t so difficult. Or if the swimming has forced me to really focus on breathing. Or maybe I’m just finally getting the hang of this whole running thing. I don’t really know, but tonight’s run felt really good.

AND – it was light enough to do my normal loop around the lake before it got dark.

AND – this loop that normally takes me 45 minutes to complete? I did it in 41!!! Yup. Forty-one minutes!


Breathing easy!

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