During my planning for my big July event, I’ve been trying to be cognizant of not increasing my workout times/distances more than 10% each week. It’s been a difficult assessment because when I ride my bike I have fewer minutes but more miles than when I run, and definitely more than when I swim.

Because I’m fairly brain dead a LOT, I have been doing the math manually. Until today when I was looking through my garmin connect web portal, it never occurred to me that when I log workouts that it would keep track of all that in a nice, neat little format. I NEVER look at the Calendar page of garmin connect. I’ve pretty much concentrated on my activities page to find times and distances. I’m not sure what made me look at the calendar page, but I’m glad I did.

This is from December’s calendar. Week one through week five. All the information that I need in one fine little spot.

I feel like I hear angels singing! One more thing to help make this process a wee bit easier on me.

I laughed right out loud when I saw week two. What the heck happened in week two that allotted me only 42 minutes in an entire week???

Well, that’s easy! I was at my daughter’s house taking care of a very sweet little munchkin and a very sweet new momma. My one workout that week was a race that I had on Sunday before I left her house to go back home and to my regularly scheduled programming (and the impending holidays).

Sucky week when it comes to workouts. But one of the BEST weeks I’ve had in a very long time!

Priorities, yo!!

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