Will Run For Bling

What do I love about the racing world?

Well, pretty much all of it except the actual running. I mean, where else can you be in an environment where, no matter how new/old/fast/slow you are, people are encouraging, welcoming, friendly, and willing to dress up in ridiculous costumes while they participate? Only the running world.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, over the course of the years I have actually come to enjoy the running part of it, too. Weird. I feel ucky when I haven’t gone on a run in too long. I miss being out on the road with just my thoughts. So I guess that makes me a runner? Maybe?

But the racing environment! Oh my my, how I love race day!

There are a couple of races that I do every single year. Mostly because I love the organization that puts them on (no gun to my head, just telling it like it is). I love what they do for the community. I love what they do for the race environment. I love that they’re local.

It’s pretty much a given that I’m going to register for the race the following year pretty much the day after the race this year. For some reason (I was considering a half marathon out of state), I hesitated this year before registering. And I’m glad I did. I got an email telling me about a new “challenge” series that they’re doing. Two races, extra medal, extra jacket.

Hold on a moment! Two races and I get THREE medals and THREE shirts/jackets? Sign Me Up!

Fine. I’ll sign up myself!


Even though I have my HUGE event in July, the two races that I do every year (7k and halloween 10k) fall right in line with my goals for the year, so of course I’m going to still do them! And now…I get extra bling! YAY!

I’m stupidly excited to be registered!

Bling Bling!

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