Go, Baby, Go!

About two months ago my baby daughter and I were having one of our random conversations. She comes to my house practically every night so that the dogs can play with each other and it’s a great time to just hang out and visit. It has not, however, been great for my workout plans.

She has been feeling a little…. fluffy lately and was looking through pinterest at some of those workout challenges. She was reading through various programs asking what my thoughts were about this or that or the other. I cautioned her that most of those programs increase your tasks too quickly and ended up at the 30 day mark at a ridiculous level, which inevitably would lead to injury. I let her know that I thought those 30 day challenges were stupid. (80/20 rule because I have come across some that are logical).

She came across one and goes, “I think I could actually do this one. What do you think of these intervals?” She started reading it off to me. It wasn’t a typical abs/butts/legs/arms challenge. It was a treadmill challenge. You know, that thing with the conveyor belt that you RUN on when the weather is too insanely hot or cold? Yeh. Running. Using a treadmill challenge.

I tried to hide my excitement at the thought of her wanting to give running a try. I said that if she wanted to try running that she should look into the Couch to 5K program. I told her how I had used that one and found it to be a good way to get your feet wet. So she looked it up.

And then the skepticism creeped in. “Do you think I could do it?”

Well, of course, i thought she could do it. I told her that I would do the program with her. After all, with my plantar fasciitis issues finally starting to get back under control, and with the lack of running I had done over the summer, I figured it would not hurt me at all to get back to the basics.

So we set a date – October 1 – to start the program.

The first two weeks had me chuckling at her because I remembered doing the exact same type of whining and how certain I was in that moment that I’d never be able to do it.

Week three she began experiencing a lot of pain in her knee. I worried that I had started off at too quick a pace for her. This is funny to me because I’m the world’s slowest runner. I knew that we’d have to do something different on week 4 because I had my 10K at the start of that week and I knew I’d need to let my body rest for a bit. So we just walked fast/slow intervals instead of doing run/walk intervals.

Her knee was not getting any better and she was so frustrated. I asked her what her end goal was. Did she want to eventually run a race? Did she want to lose weight? Did she want to build up stamina? What is it that she wanted to gain from the program. She said that she wanted to get stronger. She’d love to lose weight, but she was more concerned about being stronger and having better stamina.

So we zigged with our plan. Oh, my, my, how I do enjoy a good zigging and zagging away from the plan. (inserting a HUGE eyeroll right here)

The Couch to 5K program is set up as an interval program to help you increase your abilities. I suggested to Michelle that we don’t stop doing the program, but that we modify it and use it as a guideline. I felt that getting on the bike would help her knee and was concerned that because of the stabbing sensation with the run segments that the impact was too much at this point in her health quest. So we took to the bike. We’d ride fast during the run segments and slow down during the walk segments. When we’d go for walks, we would walk fast during the run segments, and walk slower during the walk segments. This process has helped her feel a little more comfortable.

Because of this zig in plans, I haven’t not run since my 10K at the end of October. Last night my daughter had the opportunity with her work to go see the Fantastical Beasts movie prior to it being released tonight. She jumped at the chance, which left me without a workout partner. So I went for a run. I started up our Week 6 Day 2 schedule on my app and headed out. It was fantastic. It felt good. My run intervals were faster than they have been. It was awesome.


When Michelle stopped by my house to pick up her dog after the movie she saw me watching the football game in my running pants.


She gasped and goes, “You didn’t do OUR program without me, did you?!?!?!” I confessed that I had. She stood there for a minute, folded her arms across her chest, and declared, “Well, you’re just going to have to do that day again!”

It would appear that I’ve created a monster. She may not ever run a 5K. She may not ever run another run interval. But she has come to enjoy working out with her momma. I’m calling that a successful program!

I LOVE having a workout partner!

Go, Baby, Go!!!

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