I Had A Plan

Yesterday was my race. My new favorite race. Every Spring and Fall I do the Go! St. Louis races. I do a lot of other races throughout the year, but these are my two favorites. Normally, it’s the 5k in the Spring and the 10k in the Fall. This year, because of my niece’s wedding, I had to change over to the new Mississippi 7K. It’s the first year for that race, and I was totally pumped to have a race that was within my wheel-house of distances I feel confident in running that I could switch to once I found out about the wedding.

My training has been less than stellar over the past couple of months. I mean, I’ve done great with workouts, just not great with the running. So I’ve been active, just not active in a “training for a race” kinda way. Going into the race, I was well aware that I was unprepared to run a complete 7K. I also knew that with my plantar fasciitis flare up that running the whole thing was not a smart idea. So I went into this race with the goal of just enjoying the experience and not worry about pace. I just wanted to not be taken from the course for being too slow. I made a goal of running 10 minutes then walking 2 minutes throughout the race and taking pics along the way. The course took us over the Mississippi River and back on two different bridges with pretty good views of the downtown area.

For once in my life, I stuck to a plan. How about that!? I set my garmin for intervals and set off on the course. I had heard pretty rotten things about the bridges and was kind of nervous about it, but it turned out to be one of my favorite courses. I found that I have two mile hips and really need to work on that, but it was such a great time. I loved every minute of it (sore hips and all) and hope that they continue doing the 7K as part of their marathon weekend.

Pics from the race-course.


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