Fool Me Twice

You may or may not remember this story.

As I was planning my garden this year I got in a huge hurry. I wanted to see things growing RIGHT NOW! The weather in March was warm and I just wanted to get going. After swearing a blue streak six years ago that I would never ever ever do starters again, you guessed it. I did starters!

Why do I do this to myself!? I know they’re a pain in the ass. I know it frustrates me to no end to deal with the stupid things. I know that I don’t have adequate room in the house to properly get little seedlings going.

And yet, here I am. With a bunch of starter plants. Or what should be a bunch of starter plants.

Does THIS look like a bunch of starter plants?


NO. Because it doesn’t freaking work! 42 bean seeds. ONE is growing. A variety of squash plants. NONE are growing. A handful of melon seeds. ONE is growing.  I planted  8 cantaloupe seeds. A whopping THREE of them sprouted really well. A couple of them are kinda iffy.

20160329_180301.jpgI promise, I do not suck at gardening!

As I worked in my yard & garden over the weekend, the wind was insane. I can’t count the number of times I had to chase down the plastic lid that is covering that 72 hole torture device!

As god is my witness, I will never ever ever do starters again!

To make myself feel better about my skills, I feel the need to post this picture:


Why do I never learn!?


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