Happy Birthday, Baby

Guess who’s one today?


This guy!

He’s grown leaps and bounds over the past six and a half months since I brought him home. He had (and still has) some pretty bad habits, and it’s slow work with him because he’s overcoming some trauma that I know nothing about. Or at least that I don’t know the extent of. All I know is that he has some major triggers that are becoming less and less noticeable as days go by. That gives me hope that he’ll be a great dog one day.

He has completely stolen my heart and is completely worth the effort that it is taking to get him to be a normal dog.

This picture is proof of his progression. He normally gets his nose right in my camera whenever I go to ground level. This picture he is struggling to “wait” for me to tell him it’s OK to get up. He did really well. As you can see, the camera is really close to him and he’s not licking it!

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? My Big Mack.

Happy birthday, Baby. Hopefully, this year will be easier for him.

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