Motivations Galore

For YEARS I have been trying to light a fire under my husband and get him motivated to workout more. He plays volleyball three nights a week and I’m really glad that he keeps moving. But I worry about his lack of actual cardio because his family has a history of heart disease and I really feel strongly that he needs to be adding cardio to his volleyball regimen.

He HATES cardio because it’s “boring.” OK. Whatever. Don’t care. I’d rather have you around and if that means you’re bored, I’m fine with that.

Yes, I am a sympathetic wife, why do you ask?

A year or so ago when I got my Garmin, I was looking at my sleep patterns one day. He goes, “What are you looking at?” I showed him my app and how I could look at the quality of my sleep each night. I flipped through day after day showing him the movement in my sleep. Well, he pretty much sleeps like crap so he suddenly decided that he wanted to see exactly how horribly he slept each night. So he went online and ordered the Vivofit like I’ve got.

Then I sent him a “connection request” that he stupidly accepted.

Why, yes, I am an evil bitch!

Then I showed him how he could look at his Garmin Connect page and see information. Right there, staring him in the face was MY NAME on the top of the leader board for steps during the day. He. Was. Appalled! How is it possible that I was getting more steps than him when I work a desk job and he’s moving around all day long!? Did not compute!

He beats me in steps every week. If he sees that I might be pulling close to him he gets up and starts moving. Then there was last week. I showed you a picture yesterday of my steps, but I didn’t show you the leader board.


I announced this morning that I could not believe he beat me again this week (manipulative much?). He goes, “WOMAN! Can you take it back a notch? I’m TIRED! How am I going to keep beating you if you keep increasing your steps!?!?!?!?!”

Insert evil laughter right here!

Hey, Man. If you wanna hang with the big dogs, you gotta get off the porch and get moving!

I’m a freaking genius!

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