Bring On Rest Day

I don’t always look forward to rest days. But today I’m feeling very grateful that tomorrow is my rest day. I’ve been busting my butt this week. Not only at the gym, but also at home and my place of the grid. There are times when I forego my workout for yard work and I usually feel guilty for not actually “going to the gym.” There’s this bizarre mindset that I’m trying to shake that if I haven’t gone to the gym and done the workout that is on my normal workout plan, that I haven’t done my workout.

This weekend I feel that I have done a workout even though I didn’t go to the gym.

You probably remember that I’m a geek about reports. Well, let’s look at some data to show you why I’m not feeling guilty about hitting the gym.


The two blue days? Volleyball days. They’re the days that I don’t have time to hit the gym, but volleyball doesn’t give me enough steps to meet my step goal. Normally my week has more blue than green, so I’m happy to report that I’ve hit my step goal more often than not.


One week’s worth of activities! Pretty normal looking “gym” type stuff going on. Until Saturday. When it says “yardwork” on Saturday, what that means is moving hundreds of pounds of rocks. Literally. Hundreds! My husband and I have been working on improvements at our place off the grid and moving the most bizarre looking rock formation was part of that.

Rock formation progress-2016-03-05

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, the top left part of the pic is what it looked like before Saturday. We moved all those rocks to outside (where rocks belong) and incorporated them into the landscaping. In the top middle photo you see that huge-ass rock next to the pole? That was the biggest bitch to move. It took me and my husband to move the dolly once we got it loaded. I didn’t think we’d be able to get the dolly up the stairs.

So…up there when you see “yardwork” on Saturday, this is what it entailed.

The second “yardwork” of the week was more traditional yardwork. Gardening. I had to till up my large garden bed so we fired up the 30 year old roto-tiller. One of the tires had a not so slow leak so it kept wanting to veer to the left so I basically had to manhandle the beast to till up the garden.


In addition to getting my early spring things planted, I re-seeded my back yard (really helped get those 14000+ steps today).

So, yes. I’m very happy to have a rest day tomorrow. It fell on a perfect day because I got a call from my stylist that she had a cancellation and can get me in for my color and highlight tomorrow. Yay! As part of my rest day, I get to be pampered. Can’t argue with that. Although, what I really need is a massage! My shoulders, y’all!! They are tight!

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