Not in a "Charlie Sheen" kinda way! Over the years, my idea of what "winning" means has changed. I've always been ultra-competitive. I grew up playing sports. I grew up excelling at sports. I have a natural athletic ability and things of a physical nature always came fairly easy to me. I've always been uncannily … Continue reading Winning

Happy Birthday, Baby

Guess who's one today? This guy! He's grown leaps and bounds over the past six and a half months since I brought him home. He had (and still has) some pretty bad habits, and it's slow work with him because he's overcoming some trauma that I know nothing about. Or at least that I don't … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Baby

Conversations Around The Cell Phone

Reason #5438728643 why I love my husband. Shortly after receiving his text my phone rings. Me: Hey goober. Him: Look, Honey, I STOLE it. I can turn around and sell it for a quick five hundred bucks. EASY. Ah, like a Game of Thrones character, I don't get too attached to ANYTHING.

Prickly Pear

My family lived in Southern California when I was a kid. My brothers just younger than me were my best friends and we spent HOURS running through the hills exploring, building forts, catching snakes and lizards, and all sorts of other fun things. It was a great way to grow up. More often than not, … Continue reading Prickly Pear