Presidential Schedule

It seems that at work we’re always griping about all the days off that our state workers get. I live in the state capitol and can always tell when they have a day off because my road (a main road) is practically dead and I have no trouble getting out of my driveway to go to work.

WELL, President’s Day is one of those odd holidays that I get off that isn’t a normal day off for normal people. It’s kind of a nice break between New Year’s and Memorial Day. I’m still wondering why St. Patrick’s Day isn’t an important enough day to get the day off work. Oh, wait. I work for Southern Baptists. Right.

Today was fabulous. To look around, you wouldn’t think I’ve been doing a thing, but here’s what my day looked like:

Before I even had coffee, I took Mack for a hike out to the lake. He loves going there. It was foggy, foggy, foggy so I took my camera along with me on our walk. I didn’t think about the fact that it had snowed yesterday and was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t get my car out of the parking lot, but it ended up fine. Had a great walk with my boy.

Say, Hi, Mack.

Say, Hi, Mack.

Came home and edited pictures from our excursion, and posted them on Facebook.

Did my weekly Sam’s run since I didn’t get it done over the weekend.

Stopped by Wally World because they carry the type of puppy food I need and I can’t get it at Sam’s.

Figured that while I was out (and since it was cool enough to leave groceries in the car) that I’d go to see Jenna. She lives 40 minutes from me so I headed north.

Oh my gosh, Jenna looked so good. Such a drastic change from what she’s been over the past two weeks in the hospital. The group home where she lives takes such good care of her. I won’t go into details, but the care she received at the hospital was less than stellar and I had a couple of days where I had to use my Momma face/tone. It really sucked. So I’m so happy to have Jenna back in her home where she has good, attentive care-givers. I couldn’t even begin to express the gratitude that I feel for her group home workers.

On my way home, stopped by a quick stop pizza place and grabbed lunch.

Got home and unloaded the car. Mack was so happy to see me and I was really happy that he hadn’t torn up anything in the house. He’s still a puppy and not quite trustworthy but he did so well.

Put together this week’s worth of vegetable salads and divided it into grab-and-go containers.

Mixed up a batch of bread dough and set it aside to rise.

Put salmon in a yummy soy sauce, olive oil, lime juice, orange juice, garlic marinade.

Poured a glass of wine. LARGE glass of wine.

Mark got home right about this time, which means all the above items happened between 7:50am and 5:15pm.

Visited with Mark and caught up on all the gossip of the day. Watched the news. He headed out the door for his wallyball game.

Put the bread in the oven.

Poured a glass of wine.

What? Baking means you pour wine. Isn’t that the way everyone bakes?

Pulled the bread out of the oven. GUYS! I’m not remembering why I have salmon marinating because I could totally eat one of these loaves and be perfectly happy.


That’s been my day so far. I’m thinking that I’m going to watch the red carpet events for the grammies. All in all….pretty great day.

Tomorrow? Back to work. I guess that means that I need to lay out my work clothes and put my workout clothes together since I will head straight to the gym after work.

If you didn’t get today off work, I’m sorry for you. I had a great day!

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