The Human Touch

I’ve spent my morning sitting by my daughter’s bed in the ICU. She was brouht to ER yesterday as a pretty sick pup. She has always been nervous of transition and new people, and this presents as major agitation and spasticity. It’s just part of who she is and what her physical ailments have done to her over the years.

I sit here and watch the monitors that tell me what her heart rate is, what her breathing is doing, what her O2 levels are – things I could probably tell you all about just by looking at her and not the monitors.

The breathing monitor is probably the most difficult to gauge because of her constant movement. Her inability to relax. I can talk to her and she tries to focus on my face and my voice, but her agitation makes focusing impossible. Then I reach out and put my hand on her face and she is still. I stroke her hair and she relaxes.

There is something about the human touch that we all desperately need. It connects us to each other. It helps us feel important. It calms us. It keeps us sane. So I stroke her hair. I kiss her face. Whatever she needs to feel safe in a cold, unfamiliar environment. And I WILL her to get better.

4 thoughts on “The Human Touch

    • YES! I do wish that I could will them all to get better. For a time in the last couple of weeks I was thinking it was going to be a Four Funerals & a Wedding kind of year. It’s not looking like it’ll be that drastic now. Thankfully.

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