Working out is an ever changing process. Over the years I have learned what works for me: Three days consecutive workout days, one day of rest, three workouts, one rest, three workouts, one rest. On and on and on it goes. I know this is what my body needs. I KNOW THIS. So why did I change it?

Ah, a very good question, you say! Why did I change it?

Mostly because I’m an idiot, I suppose. I don’t really know.

I’m doing a running program that I found on my Garmin Connect and I really love it. It adds in cross training days that I haven’t found in other running programs I’ve looked at. The layout of the plan made complete sense.

The problems?

First problem: I play volleyball twice a week. I could count that as cross training, but one of my nights is not a real strenuous league so I count that more like a rest day. But it’s not truly a rest day, so adding a run on top of it seems….difficult. The other volleyball night is ultra competitive. TOTALLY counts as a workout. So I have a cross train day and a rest day taken up by my two nights of volleyball.

Second problem: Garmin’s schedule doesn’t know that I play volleyball two nights a week so it schedules runs on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. So I can’t just go straight by the program, even though I’m sure that they have the program designed to do runs and cross train in a very specific order. This means that I have to adjust my run days so that it works in with my volleyball, so I have to create my own workout plan and incorporate the plan I want to follow into it.

Third problem: Fridays. I pretty much know that I will never get a workout in on Friday because we typically leave for our place off the grid right after work. I’ve know I’ve whined about my Friday issue before. But it does throw a wrench into all things workout related.

Fourth problem: My husband. He plays wallyball on Mondays, volleyball on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. (Remember I play volleyball on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.) He wants to play racquetball. His best night for that is Tuesday. He wants to play racquetball with ME. So, Tuesday, being my easy night at volleyball, means that I can accommodate that. This takes away Tuesday as a “rest day” option.

Fifth problem: I need to do strength training! I can tell as I increase my run distances that my body is suffering because I am not doing any strength training. If I plan on continuing to run and continuing to improve in that area, I must, must, must do strength training or I will risk an injury.

My basic workout schedule has become:

  • Monday = Run
  • Tuesday = Volleyball/Racquetball
  • Wednesday = Volleyball
  • Thursday = Body pump
  • Friday = Rest
  • Saturday = Run
  • Sunday = Body pump

This is too much. It was especially too much this week because we had a bye on our Wednesday night volleyball so Mark wanted to play racquetball again – two days in a row! So I skipped my 4 mile run and played with him again. And then body pump last night. Oh my god! Following two nights of racquetball. Damn near killed me!

Garmin said I should have done this this week:

  • Monday = Run
  • Tuesday = Rest
  • Wednesday = Run
  • Thursday = Rest
  • Friday = Bike
  • Saturday = Run
  • Sunday = Cross train

Two cross train days. Three run days. Two rest days. This is logical and rational.

This is how I got away from my tried and true three days on, one day off mode of workouts.

This brings us to –

Sixth problem: I don’t want to give anything up. I don’t want to give up my body pump. It’s an awesome workout and a fun way to do strength training. I don’t want to give up a day of volleyball. I love my girls on my “social night” league. And I love playing on Wednesdays with Mark. And it was really fun playing racquetball with him again after so many years of not playing. I don’t want to give anything up.

This was me the last two nights:

Get home from work – shove food in my face – head out for racquetball – get home from racquetball – shove food in my face – go to bed – wake up – shove food in my face – go to work – get home from work – shove food in my face – rush to the store to get my grocery shopping done – go to body pump – get home and shove food in my face – play with the dog for a while because he’s been a little neglected the last two weeks – shove more food in my face.

I am so hungry! HUNGRY! HANGRY! RUNGRY! So much with the hunger. We won’t even get into the guilt associated with food! Good lord. That’s a whole other discussion and weakness to overcome.

My sister in law posted on FB this past week (paraphrased) that anything that gets us moving is good and that we shouldn’t be so focused on a traditional workout. For very clear reasons, it struck a chord with me. I am so much in my head when it comes to workouts. I’ve got to figure it out because I’m on a path to burnout. And I don’t need that.

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